A lot of business owners are having anxiety about their business future just now, and it’s understandable. How do you survive this without appearing like you are trying to survive this?
My message has always been clear – come from your heart. Your business was created from your heart. Passion and inspiration was the fuel that drove your actions, and birthed your biz.
That same passion and inspiration is what is needed now, for you and your community.
Dig deep! Remember your WHY, the love of what you do, and more importantly your WHO. That customer who really made you shine when they connected with your vision.
Sit quietly with a cuppa, pen + paper, and mind map your WHY. Create momentum around why you love what you do. Create another mind map for your WHO. That person who made you shine, how fabulous did it feel.
This little exercise will see you jump out of a negative headspace and launch you into your passion place. And from here the right strategy will emerge effortlessly. You will be guided by a bigger force than this virus – your intuition. Trust this more than the media.
Share your love more than ever now, not your fears or others beliefs on how this is going to go down. How is this going to go down for You? Fear and fighting, or passion and pop? You choose!

Show up for your tribe, be the light, innovate, and you will be rewarded by a loyalty stronger than you could have imagined. And if that loyalty doesn’t pay off for you now, it certainly will as soon as the wheels are turning again. xx .

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