How Morning Pages improved my content

How Morning Pages are improving my content. 


My cup of tea this morning was shared with Jane, a friend who is an art teacher, surfer, diver, swimmer, tea lover. She’s perfect in all ways. We chatted about our life now, how we sleep, dreams, rituals and change. Then I confessed my love of morning pages, and rather than needing to explain what they were, she said YES. “Yes I know!!  I am doing them too.” How long have you been doing them for? What has happened to you since you started?

This was a whole new conversation.

Between us we had no definitive answer as to the magic of the morning pages, or how they were transforming us, but knew that Morning Pages were powerful.

The act of this daily writing ritual was somehow revealing to us a part of ourselves we didn’t know existed but had always dreamt was there. Like a flower it rises, sways in the wind and gently starts to open. One petal after another, allowing ourselves to unfold, be open and be seen. This is how morning pages works. A kind of magic, a connection to another realm. Funny thing is it doesn’t happen while writing. All this transformation and unfolding happens outside of the writing, but your intuition will tell you where it’s from.

Morning Pages are a ritual into the sacred self.


A ritual rich in freedom, love, compassion, fuelled by a commitment to self.


This idea that no matter what happens I am doing my pages, first thing, before you, they, them, get into my mind. I own this, I own this time and I own this mind.


Have you ever said that to yourself, “I own this mind”. It’s powerful! It’s not a phrase I could have said with conviction had I not been doing morning pages for the last six months. The bravery, insight and desire to write these words your are reading are testimony to The Morning Pages.

May you try them and watch as you unfold like a flower –– to yourself.

Morning Pages is a technique created by Julia Cameron in her book The Artists Way. Find out what they are here.

How does Morning Pages work for Content Creators?

They give you confidence, clarity, a desire to write. If you have lost your passion for social media they bring it back in ways that are completely unexpected. You become a better content writer, yes, but you become a more confidently creative person.

If you are stuck with your content and need to reboot hit me up for my Content Creation Intensive.

This is a photo of doing my pages in one of my favourite tea spots in Bangalow NSW. They make the perfect chai, it’s a quant village with a buzzing local life. Perfect for an early morning rendezvous with a pen, paper and my creative muse. A friendly doggo also helps.

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