Rebecca Megan Health
Integrated Health Coach

When I was recommended Suzi as a marketing strategist, I had been doing my business in different forms for many years. I had lots of passion but was worn out and not really sure where I was going. In a matter of months, Suzi has taken my passion and years of work and created something…

Enn Conie

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Diana Freen

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Anna White

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Synara Chandler
Kinesiologist and Bowen Therapist

Suzi took the time to really connect with who I am, and the potential of my business, before making some great suggestions for my new website. Her wealth of knowledge, attention to detail and diligence resulted in our co-creation of clean, fresh and easy to navigate pages, set up to accommodate my needs for the…

Dr Anne Wyatt

I chose Suzanne to develop my Website and marketing plan because of her integrity, professionalism and creativity. 

Aufait Living

I know I’ve said it before but I’m saying it again, I freak’n love my website!! Every time I get a Paypal email come through I want to give you a big kiss. @aufaitliving

Scahill Accountants

By the way, I LOVE the website and you are a genius!

Maison & Maison

I wholeheartedly believe my business would not be at the level it is today without Suzanne’s continual advice, guidance and direction. @maisonandmaison

The Jungle Calling

The creative direction we received took our brand from zero to one-hundred in a few short hours. We left feeling a great sense of achievement and ownership over what we created and can’t wait to move forward from the mind-numbing space we had been stuck in. @thejunglecalling